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 About Us

The Grand HAMS is a Special Interest Group (SIG) within the Grand Computers Club of Sun City Grand, Surprise AZ.

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The Grand HAMS SIG is comprised of 40+ Amateur Radio Operators who reside in Sun City Grand and who share a common interest in the pastime.

We welcome all Grand Computers Club members with an interest in Amateur Radio at any level, to join the Grand HAMS.

Please note that membership in the Grand Computers Club ($20 annually) is a requirement in order to join the Ham Radio SIG... and there are no additional dues to be a member of the Grand HAMS.

We hold monthly meetings in rooms assigned by the Grand Computers Club (our parent chartered organization).
We also host a weekly VHF/UHF Net in which you are encouraged to be involved
(see sidebar for details).


In May, 2019, we were granted antenna privileges after a year of campaigning with the ARC and the main Board of Sun City Grand.

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Our campaign message included our capabilities to provide Emergency Communications to our community in the time of need.
We are now allowed to install vertical antennas (HF & VHF/UHF), horizontal wire antennas, and flagpole antennas.
Several members have since installed vertical screwdriver antennas and reported working considerable worldwide DX. Other members are using wire antennas such as the G5RV on the HF bands.

  • Facilitator: Gordon Bousman, NW7D
  • Asst. Facilitator: Mark Heroux, N1MAE
  • EmComm Director: Bob Paul, KG7FIL
    see EmComm
  • Newsletter Editor: Gordon Bousman, NW7D
    see Newsletters


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The new Grand HAMS LOGO was designed by Bob Paul, KG7FIL